Air Conditioning

Operating manual

Description of display keys


  1. Increases the fan speed or sets automatic ventilation
  2. Reduces the ventilation speed or sets off mode (thermostat off)
  3. Increases the current temperature set point
  4. Decreases the current temperature set point

Advanced controls

Simultaneously pressing the two keys enables the following settings:

1 and 2: Comfort / Economy mode change
3 and 4: Summer / Winter mode change
(pressing > 3 sec.)

Warnings key

  1. Measured or set temperature
  2. Confort mode
  3. Economy mode
  4. Summer mode
  5. Winter mode
  6. Fan speed indicator (MIN-MED-MAX)
  7. Automatic fan mode
  8. Fan-coil colling enabled
  9. Fan-coil heating enabled